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Dear Fairhope Independent Business Owner,

This year I am forming a new committee for the City of Fairhope to carry on the mission of Fairhope Local which was founded by a group of entrepreneurs to support local entrepreneurs.
A large part of Fairhope’s unique character comes from our local, independent businesses and the personalities behind these businesses. An entrepreneur does not necessarily have to have a storefront. Entrepreneurs also include those who work from home, doctors, attorneys, artists, authors, landscapers, consultants and many other different trades.
We are a “Town of Entrepreneurs” and this committee will be tasked with helping this administration better partner with you.
As an entrepreneur who grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, I am intimately aware of how much time, dedication and passion goes into making a business successful. All this hard work pays off big for you, our City and our community.
I look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership and wish you a successful and prosperous 2019,
Mayor Karin Wilson
City of Fairhope
Office: 251.990.0100
Cell: 251.422.0669

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