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How does the city procure bid goods and services?

The Code of Alabama, 1975, provides municipalities two means for procuring goods and services by formal bid. Title 39, referred to as the Public Works Law, which applies primarily to construction, has a bid limit of $50,000.01. Title 41, referred to as the Alabama Competitive Bid Law, which applies to general goods and some services, has a bid limit of $15,000.00. These purchases of supplies, equipment and contractual services (except professional services) where the cost meets or exceeds the bid limit, are purchased on the basis of formal, competitive, sealed bids or proposals.    

How can I find out which services or commodities are currently available for formal bid or proposal?

Bid advertisements are posted on the City’s website at On the home page, look under Doing Business/Purchasing/Bids, in the drop-down on the toolbar. The City is sometimes required to advertise bids in various newspapers based on the size and type of bid. Bids are also posted on the bulletin board outside the Purchasing Department at the City Services and Public Utilities building located at 555 S. Section Street, Fairhope, AL. Vendors who have joined the official bidders list will be emailed notices of pertinent bids.

How do I obtain the bid packet?

For most bids, the best method is to download the bid packet from our website.  You may also pick up a copy of the bid packet at the City Services and Public Utilities building located at 555 S. Section Street, Fairhope, AL. between the hours of 7am and 4pm Monday-Friday. Note: Some bid packets may be too large for downloading. For such bids, instructions for obtaining the entire bid packet will be contained in the posted bid advertisement. Follow the instructions in the bid advertisement for obtaining the entire bid packet.

Must I have a City of Fairhope Business License to bid?

Not to place a bid. However, if you are the awarded vendor, you will need your City business license at the time of contract execution.

How does the City procure non-bid goods and services? How do I participate?

Purchases of less than $15,000 are made on the open market and, whenever possible, these purchases are based on a minimum of three informal quotes.  Quotes may be solicited by mail, e-mail, fax, or telephone. Normally, a Buyer will issue a Purchase Order to the winning vendor. City Buyers also have access to procure from certain Federal, State, and Governmental Procurement Co-op contracts.      

To participate, contact a Buyer in the Purchasing Department to introduce your company and what it sells. If the Buyer instructs, register through our vendor registration system here.

How long will my firm remain on the City of Fairhope bidder list?

Indefinitely, with the exception that your firm may be removed after failing to respond to three solicitations.


Bid Process FAQ's:


What is the estimated budget?

They City of Fairhope does not typically list the estimated construction cost of any of our bids. If there is an exception, it can be found in the bid documents under the appropriate heading.

Where can I get a set of plans/specs for the project?

All documentation for our projects including plans, specs, addenda, and other relevant items can be found on our website, These items can be downloaded and distributed as needed.

Where can I get a plan holders list?

We do not maintain a plan holders list; because we are required to advertise publicly, we have no way of knowing who may be bidding on our projects.

Where can I find a copy of the bid tabulation?

The City of Fairhope does not release bid tabulations to external organizations before it goes through our approval process. However once it has gone through our proper channels, you can visit our website at and view signed tabulations, recommendations, and resolutions posted under their respective bid headings. Please be aware this process can sometimes take several weeks.

When is the anticipated start date for the project?

Our bids have general guidelines in them for the anticipated start date but there are several factors involved and until we go through the full award process, cannot be easily determined.

Who do I contact to get documents I need that aren’t available on your website?

If a full set of bid documents including plans or specs is unavailable on our website, it is usually because an outside firm is administering the bid. In the advertisement it will list the administering firms name and contact information. It is at the listed firm’s discretion whether to share information with non-bidding organizations.