City of Fairhope Litter Laws

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You can now open a ticket with us though our Fairhope 311 ticket system.   

The City of Fairhope Code of Ordinance Section 12-14 (City of Fairhope Litter Law) states: It shall be unlawful for any person to sweep, rake, throw or otherwise deposit any waste matter or any other substance commonly known as garbage, trash or rubbish into or on the streets, alleys, parks, beaches, sidewalks or other public places in the city , or on the property of another without the consent of the property owner. 

If you know of someone that may be violating this law, please call the City of Fairhope Environmental Officer at 251-990-0192 or email

Did you know that even flicking a cigarette butt out of the car window violates Fairhope's litter law (City Code of Ordinance 12-14)?

The State of Alabama also has stringent "Criminal Littering" laws for anyone who deposits or drops litter type materials on our highways. In conjunction with PALS (People Against a Littered State), the City would like to challenge you as a resident to help us monitor violators (commonly known as Litter Bugs!) There is a simple reporting form that can be kept in your vehicle, and, should you see someone littering (we are targeting vehicles), you would write down the tag number, and send in the "Reporting Form" to PALS. PALS will then follow up on the complaint with a letter to the responsible party.

While no fine will be imposed from these reporting forms, your observations can go a long way in educating those who may not give littering a second thought. Print the form below, or call us to request one to be mailed to you, 251-990-0192.

Litter Statistics:

  • About 50% of litter is "accidently" deposited on our streets and highways 
  • 96% of accidental litter bugs are males 
  • 72% of intentional litter bugs are males 
  • Only 40% of litter is from vehicles 
  • 59% of litter is paper; 16% cans; 6% bottles; 6% plastic; 13% other

Source: "Alabama Litter Laws" brochure 

Unwanted Circular from the Mobile Press Register

Resident should call the "Hot line" to stop deliveries at their right of way: 1 (888) 779-7759  (press option 6 for "Bargain Finder" and leave a message of the complaint/address)

For comments or to request more information, call us at (251) 990-0192, or email