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Natural Gas


You can now open a ticket with us though our Fairhope 311 ticket system.  

****If you smell gas or to report a gas leak please call 251-928-8003****

Terry Holman

Terry Holman, Assistant Superintendent of Gas


The Fairhope Gas Department is located at 555 S. Section Street in the Fairhope Public Utilities Warehouse. The department is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. New service and shut offs are handled at City Hall located at 161 North Section St. City Hall is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The City of Fairhope Natural Gas Department opened for business on November 1, 1950, and by the end of that first fiscal year, there were 809 customers. Over the next decade, that number increased rapidly, and by 1962, the City of Fairhope was serving 2,600 customers with natural gas.

Presently, there are more than 11,000 customers in a service area that includes the city of Fairhope plus Spanish Fort, Daphne, Malbis, Belforest, Point Clear, Barnwell, and Stapleton. The department maintains more than 500 miles of steel, PE, and cast iron mains, ranging from 8" to 3/4". Fairhope does all of its own maintenance including leak Public Utilitiessurveys, repairs, line locating, valve maintenance, and service installations, etc.

The City purchases natural gas from Gulf South and BP energy company. Fairhope Natural Gas is a member of the Alabama Natural Gas Association and American Gas Association and is inspected by the Department of Transportation and the Alabama Public Service Commission.

Natural Gas Effects
The primary component of natural gas is the hydrocarbon, methane, (CH4). Natural gas is a versatile, non-toxic fuel that is normally transported to the end user through a system of pipelines. The gas is normally contained within the pipeline, however if the pipeline is damaged, the product can be released into the atmosphere. Natural gas is colorless and odorless in its natural state; however, we inject an odorant into most of the district's lines to make the gas readily detectable. Methane gas is lighter than air and will diffuse rapidly, but will burn readily when mixed with the proper amount of air.

If you detect a leak, please immediately notify the Fairhope Public Utilities Gas Office at 251-928-8003 or after hours call 251-928-2385.

Important Information For Anyone Doing Excavation Work
To all personnel who perform or supervise any type of excavation work: The primary purpose of this page is to inform you of our "Damage Prevention Program", according to the U.S. Department of Transportation's guidelines (§192.614), which provides persons planning to dig or excavate in the vicinity of our pipelines with an easy, convenient means of finding where our pipelines are located and assuring the safety of you and others.

Please notify us if you plan to conduct any "excavation" activities in our service area. You can do this by contacting the Alabama 811 or Fairhope Public Utilities Gas office at 928-8003. This notification must be given 48 hours in advance of the planned excavation activity. Our personnel will determine if your work will affect the gas lines and will mark any area that could be affected. The presence of yellow paint or yellow flags in an area of excavation indicates the presence of underground gas facilities.


Alabama One Call 811/Pipeline Safety

Q: What is 811?
A: 811 is a One Call a notification center that establishes an information path between those who dig underground (excavators) and those who operate underground facilities (operators). It is the most efficient and cost effective method of passing information between operators and excavators.

Q: Why is it necessary?
A: Having lines located before you dig can save costly repairs to damaged lines, delays in construction, wasted crew time, personal injury or property damage and/or possible legal action .

Q: How do I use 811?
A: The Alabama Line Location Center can be reached by dialing 811 or 1-800-292-8528. The operator will ask for information to determine the location of your work and type work to be performed. This service is FREE to the caller.

Q: Who benefits?
A: Operators, excavators, and the public benefit from the elimination of dig-ins. It reduces the chance of death or personal injury, damage to public and private property and interruption of services that may be vital to public safety.

Installation of Excess Flow Valves and Notification Policies [PDF]

Download the Fairhope Public Utilities Gas Departments Pipeline Safety Brochure Here.

Terry Holman – 251-928-8003
Jeremy Little – 251-928-8003

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