Community Grant Application

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Submission Deadline: June 15th
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The following information is required with your submission:

1. Grant Programs
Please compile a summary that specifies how grant funds will be used to better serve the community and the City of Fairhope.

2. Requests made to other government agencies
Please list all requests made to other cities or governmental agencies and the amounts requested.

3. Board of Directors
Include all Board Members contact information including email addresses and place of employment. Also, please include a copy of the board meeting minutes that authorizes the request for grant funds.

4. Agency Staff/Administration
Please list all individuals associated with the grant application including email addresses and phone numbers.

5. Current Audited Financial Statements
Please include the latest Audited Financial Statements & Current Year Budget.

6. E-Verify & Tax Documentation
Please provide proof of enrollment in the E-Verify system & complete W-9 form.
All applications must be approved by the City of Fairhope’s City Council.

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