Building and Permitting

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 You can now open a ticket with us though our Fairhope 311 ticket system


COVID-19 Permitting and Inspection procedures:


We have developed a set of guidelines we have given to the inspectors for performing site inspections.  Inspections may be scheduled either by phone at 251-990-0153 or by email at :

  • Practice social distancing- they are to perform their inspection and leave the site immediately.  They are not to get into individual conversations on site, if the contractor has any questions about an inspection report they can call or email us at the office and we will work through those questions on the phone;
  • We are not going into occupied houses for inspections, particularly for remodels or renovations, unless it is absolutely critical.  We are looking at options for how to handle this type of situation and hope to have a plan by the end of the week;
  • All inspectors have been issued gloves and have been instructed to use them while on site;
  • We are accepting emailed permit applications and plans and are performing reviews in the office;
  • We are not allowing applicants or citizens into the office for consultations, everything is to be done over the phone or by email to limit personal interactions;


  • All documents may be be emailed to the office at and we will set up the application for review.
  • If you prefer to leave hard copy plans there is a drop box labeled PERMIT DROP OFF at the front door of the Public Works Building located at 555 South Section St.You may leave the application package in the box and we will collect them periodically during the day and bring them in for processing and review.


Once a permit is reviewed and processed you will receive a call from the Building Dept telling you that it is ready for pick up, you may pay by check or credit card.  If you prefer to pay by card and receive a voice mail message telling you it is ready, please call one of the listed numbers for payment by credit card over the phone:

Permit Technician: Gina Burns                                            (251) 990-0124

Permit Technician: Cynthia Boothe                                   (251) 990-0124

Permit Technician: Martha Smith                                      (251) 279-6233

 Approved permits will be placed in an envelope with the applicant and address listed and left in the box labeled PERMIT PICK UP for you to collect.

 If you have any questions for Department staff please call or email using the contact information listed below.

The Building Inspection and Permitting office is responsible for the following:

  • Review and approve building & land use permits and applications.
  • Performing inspections on all building components, including structural, plumbing, mechanical, electrical and fire safety.
  • Enforce floodplain management and FEMA regulations.
  • Enforce storm water management regulations.
  • Develop and enforce environmental protection measures. (Erosion and sediment controls, wetlands protection, red clays and staining soils, etc.)
  • Develop and enforce Right of Way Ordinance

The office is located at 555 South Section Street in the Public Utility Warehouse. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. To schedule an inspection or ask a question, please call 251-990-0153 or you may email the staff below.

Information & Inspection Request    990-0153
Erik Cortinas, CBO, CFM, LEED AP Building Official  990-0141
William Nelson
Assistant Building Official  990-0116
Richard Taylor Building Inspector  990-2878
Cameron Nixon
Building Inspector  990-2876
Adam Thomas Building Inspector   929-7435
Michael Morris  Building Inspector   990-0123
John Thomas Construction Inspector  279-6232
Gina Burns
Permit Technician  990-2874
Cindy Boothe Permit Technician    990-0124
Martha Smith  Permit Technician  279-6233