How does the City handle recycling?

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What does the City of Fairhope accept for recycling?

The City accepts:

  • Plastic bottles and containers labeled #1-7. Lids should stay on the items

  • Tin, steel, aluminum and empty aerosol cans

  • Glass bottles and jars with lids removed

  • Flattened cardboard boxes

  • Paper, including junk mail and paperboard like shoe or cereal boxes

Should jars and bottles be rinsed before recycling?

Yes, please! Jars and bottles should be rinsed and food-free before being moved to a bin.

What does the City NOT accept?

Often, homeowners run out of space in their garbage cans and try to make items that are not technically recyclable fit the mold. These “wish recycling” items include garden hoses, clothing, vinyl, tennis shoes, kids toys, flower pots, diapers and anything labeled industrial plastic. None of those items are recyclable.

How can a homeowner get a recycling bin?

Call our Public Works Department at 251-928-8003 and make the request. You’ll need to leave your last name, address and phone number with the request. We provide 2-3 bins per customer depending on the request.

What does it cost to get a recycling bin?

Recycling bins are provided free to homeowners.

Why do homeowners have to separate recycling materials?

By separating materials, it allows sanitation workers to maintain the integrity and cleanliness of the fill. When items are in the proper bins, workers can double-check to make sure that garbage or other items that aren’t recyclable don’t end up in the truck.

If we’re separating our recyclables, why is everything going in the same truck?

Each week we take 8-10 truck loads of recyclable materials to the Emerald Coast Utility Authority’s Materials Recycling Facility in Cantonment, Fla. This state-of-the art center has cutting edge machines that separate the materials by weight, allowing for proper sorting to happen.

When garbage is inadvertently included in the materials, it will slow down and often stop the machinery – costing the City money.

Does the City offer electronics recycling?

While electronics are not picked up curbside, residents can drop off electronics for recycling six days a week at the Fairhope Public Works yard, 555 South Section Street, Fairhope, AL 36532. This drop-off service is free.

How tons of materials were recycled in Fairhope last year?

In 2018, 1,835 tons of materials were recycled.