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What's Happening at the Municipal Pier?

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What’s going on at the pier?

When Hurricane Nate struck in October 2017, it did more than tear out existing electrical service at the pier – it also made us aware that we were seriously under code. As a result, any repairs done require us to bring the entire facility up to code.

Additionally, we wanted to make ensure we were eligible for FEMA funding – and we are – which is an amount that covers 87½% of our costs. Being FEMA-qualified assures that our work will bring our electrical service up to code.

Who determined the extent of the repair work?

The scope of work was investigated by our in-house electrician who determined that this repair work involves far more than we have the capability of performing ourselves.

We also took the time to go out for bid for a professionally engineered design for the new, upgraded system we are required to install.

What’s next?

We must run entire new circuits under the pier, set a new transformer and new main panels in the electric shed and replace each sub panel in the marina. The transformer had to be built to our specifics, which requires an approximate lead time of six months. Due to its proximity to water, we had to make a change to that order to accommodate a specific environmentally safe oil for the transformer to meet code applicable to water locations.  

Luckily, the change will not delay delivery in time for the work that will begin shortly.

We are now under contract with an electrical contractor and have a pre-construction meeting scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019, after which time more information will be available.

Updated February 2019