What is the Working Waterfront Plan?

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What is the Working Waterfront Plan?
Could this funding have been used in another capacity?
What is the environmental permitting process?
How did you develop the conceptual plan?
What was the process for selecting the professional team to implement the project?
Were local businesses considered during this process?
What is the total amount being paid to GMC?
What are the biggest takeaways from the plan?
How far into the project is the City of Fairhope?
Will parking be reduced?
Where is the handicapped parking in the new plan?


For more information, contact the City of Fairhope at 251-928-8003 or email


“We hear you and want to assure citizens that you will be a part of refinements and additional input until the vision and mission is adopted by our community.   The goal from the beginning and continues to be community- engaged plan to ensure this iconic park is enhanced and protected for generations to come.

I hope everyone can look at this as an opportunity to come together as a community to discuss what we love, ideas to improve and come together in a positive manner to put together the very best plan to serve citizens and protect this iconic park for generations to come.

The money funding four projects totaling $18M is not coming from the City, Utilities, or you. All four are being paid 100% through RESTORE funds and can only be used for this purpose.

Most of the $18M awarded will be used for sewer rehabilitation to improve the health of our Bay. Our future must include your voice and my door is always open.” -- Mayor Karin Wilson