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Seniors, teens to unite at Nix Center's 'Rent-A-Teenager' program

Post Date:05/14/2019 3:57 PM

Nix Center Rent-A-TeenagerHaving trouble working your cell phone or tablet? Not to worry – the James P. Nix Center’s fall program is designed to make those troubles disappear for members.

With a working title of Rent-A-Teenager, officials at the Nix Center are gearing up for a program set to bridge the generational gap and get seniors more comfortable with technology.

“We have so many members who have smartphones, kindles or Ipads and they don’t really know how to use them, and some have Facebook but don’t really know how to use it either,” said Misty Brown, Nix Center's Events Coordinator. 

By partnering with local students in need of community service credit, the Nix Center is making it possible for members to learn the ins and outs of technology.

“We thought it would be a great idea to reach out to the high school as a lot of their clubs need  community service credits,” said Brown. “And who would be better to teach members how to use this stuff than a teenager?”

The program, which is set to debut in Fall 2019, will be taught over the course of three months in three separate, hands-on classes: smartphones, tables and social media. It will be offered at no cost to members.

“It’s such a foreign concept for so many of our members; hopefully this class will bring a lot of them around,” said Brown. “Our members love the idea – grandmas and grandpas like kids.”

But Nix Center officials believe the program won’t just help the members.

“It will take the students out of their environment, give them a different perspective and, hopefully, a good dose of patience,” said Brown. “Technology comes so naturally to them because they’ve been raised in it. It’s going to hopefully be a whole new appreciation for the different perspective of the seniors.”

Each month the Nix Center serves more than 1,000 members ages 50 and up each. With a membership totaling 1,180, the center offers classes, exercise, music, cards and games, grief counseling, educational discussion, field trips, dances and more.

For more information about the Nix Center, call 251-928-2835.

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